Concern with the environment has always been evident. PICCADILLY is a pioneer in the use of technologies which increase the efficiency of the processes and contribute to the rational use of materials.

Sustainable Origin Program

PICCADILLY takes great pride in having received the seal of sustainability for the fashion sector, a recognition from Abicalçados and Assintecal and sponsored by SEBRAE, which has partnerships with the By Brazil Institute, the University of São Paulo (USP), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and which defines our total commitment to future generations. We won the bronze seal and we not have the goal of implementing even more improvements and raising the level.

Technological materials of Non-Animal Origin

PICCADILLY was a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technological materials. The uppers of its shoes are made of a unique class A synthetic polyurethane (PU). In addition to being ecologically correct, it is a material with a noble look, with superior quality and with various benefits: lightness, versatility, thermal comfort, breathability, antimicrobial, ecological, and waterproof.
A curiosity: the technological material used by PICCADILLY is the same used in the World Cup ball and in high-performance tennis shoes.

Relatório Socioambiental 2017

Não é de hoje que a PICCADILLY COMPANY tem uma preocupação imensa com o tema sustentabilidade. Desde 1996, quando nem se falava tanto sobre o assunto, já estávamos atentos e preocupados em criar ações que fossem transformadoras e que realmente fizessem a diferença. Clique aqui para conhecer todas as nossas ações socioambientais.

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