PICCADILLY COMPANY is a new positioning, with global operations, which represents the business growth and the path that the PICCADILLY brand is following. Women of different styles find comfort and quality in beautiful footwear that stay with them every moment of the day.

All women you can be: the current positioning of PICCADILLY, launched in 2017, aimed to get closer to the real woman and her daily life. Following the changes in the world. Therefore, the brand presents a collection with the comfort that you already know, but with a visual even more linked to the world trends. In addition to seeking inspiration in the main fashion references, the bet is on details and technologies that bring practicality and comfort to the day to day. Thus, 2017 is the year in which PICCADILLY narrows the relationship between comfort and fashion to provide a complete experience to those who choose to follow the walk with us.

PICCADILLY by the numbers

PICCADILLY has been recognized for 60 years for the quality of its products. Let the numbers show you why this is one of the largest footwear companies in Brazil.

PICCADILLY around the world

PICCADILLY has already struck out into the world and doesn't plan to stop! Present in more than 100 countries, it exports its footwear to five continents. Knowledge, tradition, and the search for innovation are behind the brand's success abroad. Always tuned in to the main international trends, PICCADILLY moves at the pace of fashion. The results are collections that win over women of different styles and cultures. Proof that technology, fashion, and comfort go together and offer the best for women's feet around the world. And it doesn't stop there: the brand's strength is shown in the opening of exclusive stores in countries such as Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, the United States, New Zealand, and Kuwait, among others.

Today, PICCADILLY has 28 exclusive stores around the world:


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