Social Responsibility

A history build with dedication, commitment, and willpower of everyone who has worked, is working, or will work with us. We value this path.

PICCADILLY is a company that believes in the power of togetherness and collaboration. That is why it is keen to be active in the improvement of all the communities of which it is a part. It supports the municipal fund for Rights of Children and Teens in the city of Teutônia. It contributes to the Fund for the Elderly of Gramado, which assists Lar Santíssima Trindade. It is sponsor of the Oktoberfest of Igrejinha, the largest community festival in the country, which dedicates it profit to the health, education, and safety of the city. It supports projects at the Ana Nery Hospital, a reference point for cancer treatment in the region of Santa Cruz do Sul. The company also contributed to the APAE of Caxias do Sul.

The 60 years of success would never have been build without the strength and dedication of all PICCADILLY's employees. That is why the company values its staff, with various incentive programs and programs for personal and professional growth. In partnership with SENAI and APAE, the company promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities into the job market. The partnership with SENAI and CIEE features a program of activities for career-launching and qualification of young people.

Kid-Friendly Company

PICCADILLY supports the Abrinq Foundation, a private non-profit foundation that aims to mobilized society on issues related to the rights of children and teens.
What's more, PICCADILLY and the Abrinq Foundation are partners of Save the Children, a global non-governmental organization that, in association with the Kid-Friendly Company project, brings even more strength to this very important cause.

Support to the Tennis Foundation

PICCADILLY is a supporter of the Tennis Foundation, which promotes the development of needy children and teens through the systematic and disciplined practice of tennis. The program is conducted at 9 centers, with two in São Paulo and seven in Rio Grande do Sul. Among the training centers are Almiro Grings Park, which bears the name of PICCADILLY's founder and is located in the city of Igrejinha, the company's headquarters.

Maintainer of the Semear Foundation

For over 10 years, PICCADILLY has maintained the Semear Foundation, a non-profit community organization that acts to promote social development in Rio Grande do Sul. The programs, projects, and actions are focused on Social Transformation, Social Assistance, Training and Consulting, and Promotion of Social Responsibility. Since 1998, the Redentora Experience Center, located in the city of Novo Hamburgo, has run a strategic program that serves more than 150 children and teens in situations of social vulnerability.

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